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Good evening, what a lovely sunny day it has been today, far too warm to be inside with my clay. This week I went to collect my creations from the course I recently did with Marie Prett including this English Bull Terrier wall hanging piece called Gino.  Marie makes a lot of Bull Terriers and gave me helpful guidance with Gino.

I have glazed Eric the fisherman and he is in the kiln as I type. I’ll show you the finished result next week.

I was wandering around Brighton yesterday and stopped to listen to a couple of buskers who were performing Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls, my record of the week.

I had quite a posh melting middle chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream for my treat of the week. Naughty but nice!

My friend Murphy went home on Friday so I haven’t got a four legged friend here with me today but I have had plenty of birds visiting and have discovered a swarm of honey bees building ahome in the compost bin. A natural bee keeper is visiting and hopefully taking them to her hive.

This weeks crush is Anya’s Compendium of Curiosities  I can’t believe I have only just discovered her amazing work.

Until next Sunday