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Hello there,

Now that the Brighton Open Houses have finished I have started making for my next fair that will probably be around September time. This week I have been mainly making small heart dishes and hanging birds as these were popular at the Open Houses.

I have also made a couple of ‘friendly folk’ including Sylvie who sings in a choir at the weekends. I hope to underglaze her this week and will post an update soon.


This weeks record of the week is Eliza by Anna Calvi.

I keep on forgetting to photograph my ‘treat’ so have to make more (Oops). Walnut, blueberry and chocolate muffin with a side of strawberry.

I have not one but three ‘four legged friends’ this week. Binky, Maisey and Milly haven’t been keen on me doing much work, they’ve insisted I spend time throwing balls and playing tug of war with them.


This weeks crush is Abigail Brown. I love her birds and animals, take a look.

I am not around next Sunday, I’ll be back on the 18th.