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I can’t believe that it is August already, it feels to me like it should be about May, the year is going way too fast. Usually by now I am making stock for winter fairs, but for the last two weeks I have been busy making sheep for Sussex Wildlife Trusts annual Wilderness Wonder ball. The sheep will be auctioned off on the night to raise funds for nature conservation in Sussex. I will post a picture of the full flock when they are ready.

I have made a few more birds and also a new group of common people.

I only heard this today and had to have it as my ‘record of the week’ The song is called ‘Playground’ and is by Hussain Manawer, a poet and mental health campaigner. The link will only give you a snippet but if you like what you hear I m sure you can find more.

The problem with doing this post monthly rather then weekly is it has made me realise just how much cake I actually eat, eek. I do like cake though…..this was a very delicious berry and fresh cream flan, I feel naughty just looking at the photo.

My four legged friends currently in resident are the very beautiful stick obsessed Flo and ball obsessed Rudi, they are very good company.

This months crush is Liz Toole. Liz prints and paints beautiful birds and trees, mixing and using stunning colours in her work. Take a look.

Have a fabulous August, I’ll be back in September.