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Hello, good day to you,

I am happy to report that I have moved out of hibernation mode and have slowly started making again. Mind you, it’s been rather chilly here on the south coast, I popped up to my studio yesterday and the clay that I had prepared had actually frozen!

Until I can share some new finished pieces, here’s Queen B, Beatrice in progress.

You may also have noticed that I’ve updated my logo and given the website a little refresh. I hope you like it.

My record of the month is Matilda by Alt-J. If I remember correctly, it has a connection to the film Leon which if you’ve never seen is worth a watch.

I am sure you won’t believe this, but I just had to have a slice of cake for the purpose of this post, honest. Here’s my cake, homemade pear, almond and dark chocolate cake on my very lovely flying geese plate.

February’s four legged friend is the beautiful and fun loving Guiness.

This months crush is Beach Shack Project. Hannah makes beautiful jewellery from beachcombed pieces of sea glass and pottery that have been naturally polished by the ocean waves. Hannah also happens to be an Earl Grey tea drinker, partial to a slice of cake who loves dogs, particularly her own very special Mr. Bean.

By the way, I’ve not mastered spinning on my head as planned (see Januarys post).

Over and out.