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Hello there, I hope you are enjoying the summer (or other season depending where in the world you are).

I am happy to say that Mervin has found a home and the money received for him has been donated the the Grenfell Tower Relief fund. Thanks to all of you that placed a bid, liked, shared etc.

I know that Mervin will be very happy as I’m pretty sure his new owner has plenty of haberdashery in her home for him to admire.

Sylvie survived the glaze firing and was back at choir practice this weekend.

My record of the week is Common People by Pulp and came to mind when I was making the first set of my ‘Common People’ (The beekeepers, main pic)

I had a slice of banana and blueberry baked cheesecake at my favourite tea shop Church Lane Tea Rooms, it was very delicious and I was tempted to have another, I resisted.

This week I have had the very lovely Cassie as my four legged friend. I am very lucky as Cassie has lots of holidays so I get to see her fairly often.


My crush is illustrator Sarah Edmonds. I particular love her ‘Pun’ work printed on tea towels. Check out her ‘boobies’ and ‘tits’

I have decided to make my Sunday Studio a monthly post, so I hope you have a great July, see you in August.