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Hello everyone,

I can’t believe it’s October already, time keeps on flying! In September the sheep I made for Sussex Wildlife Trust were auctioned off at their annual Wilderness Wonder Ball, I am delighted to say that the sheep raised almost £2000, whoop woo!

I am busy making more sheep, harebbits, birds and lots of other creations in preparation for Christmas fairs. I hope to get the dates added to my events page in the next few days.

My record of the week was hard for to choose for this post as I have several good tunes in my head. I love Verve and am a Richard Ashcroft fan so I’ve gone for This is How It Feels

I have enjoyed many desserts and cakes but most are not around long enough to photograph. The only picture I have is of these delicious pastries with a very tasty chocolate filling that I enjoyed in a lovely beachside cafe in Formentara.

Beautiful and funny Bertie is my four legged friend this week. Bertie feels like velvet to touch and has the longest ears in the world.

Check out The Skygardens my crush of the week / month. I have added the link to my Christmas list, hint, hint.

I will be back with another Sunday Studio in November, until then have a good few weeks and thanks for reading.

Bye bye x